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A tailored experience.

Do you dream of finding a travel company that can cater for your every need? Whether that’s chartering a yacht in Venice or trekking through the incredible national parks of Patagonia, Club Voyages can create your perfect holiday.


We are experts in research. We know the best boutique hotels, the best neighbourhood restaurants, the best routes and the best times to go. No matter how complex, or simple, your holiday plans are, trust us to do the hard work for you. We know how precious your time is - both on and off your holiday. You don’t want to risk missing a thing.


Have a few nights in Rome and want to know where to get an authentic carbonara? Or, get off-the-beaten track in the Caribbean? Just set up a consultation with one of our advisers. We’ll ask the right questions and put together an itinerary that perfectly suits your needs. Your journey starts now.

Our history

Club Voyages was founded by Sam Ballard, an award-winning travel journalist who has been lucky enough to stay in some of the world’s greatest places. From sailing around the islands of Indonesia to walking on a beach with elephant seals in Antarctica, Sam’s experiences have imbued Club Voyages’ ethos that life is too short to travel badly.


It’s his journalistic background that makes research such an integral part of what we do. So, book an appointment today and let us start organising your holiday of a lifetime.


Contact us

For any enquiries,

or to start planning your next trip, please get in touch.

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