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​How to Choose the Very Best Antarctic Cruise for You

Nine things you absolutely need to know before booking your Antarctic cruise

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How to Choose the Very Best Antarctic Cruise for You


9 Things You Absolutely Need to Know Before Booking


An Antarctic cruise is the the trip of a lifetime. This isn’t a decision you want to get wrong.


Which is why I’ve written this guide – so you can avoid all of the potential pitfalls.


Whatever your style of Antarctic cruising – luxury, expedition or budget – this guide will answer your essential questions including:


  • The best months to travel to Antarctica.


  • The cruises to avoid if you want to set foot on the continent itself.


  • How to ensure you spend maximum time exploring Antarctica on foot. 


  • Whether you should include South Georgia.


  • How you can avoid a rough crossing (and why you might not want to.)


  • And even when you can see baby penguins!


This guide is your essential first step in choosing the right Antarctic cruise for you.


And it's completely free.


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